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Dear Visitor,

My name is Peter From (I know, it sounds strange,  but it’s my name). I’m a Published Author, Awardwinning Photographer, Digital Colorist, WordPress Pioneer, Blogger, Renowned Photoshopper, Musician and, last but not least, a Dad from Sweden. I hope that you will enjoy the small part of my work that I have uploaded here and that we can create something nice together!

Through any lens the world looks different and I would like to show you several different worlds. They’re not always what they seem to be. Sometimes a world is a world of fantasy, another time it’s a world of times gone by or a world of illusions created in my computer using Photoshop.

Drop me a line if you feel that I can do something for you.


Peter From

Peter From (Author, Photographer, Digital Colorist)
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A few words about Digital Coloring

Many people are not familiar with Digital Coloring so I thought that I’d show an example here; a scratchy, dusty old black and white image coming alive in colorful glory. I use Photoshop and all work is done manually.

The image below depicts Governor Aminoff’s residence in the Provincial Government’s house in Kuopio, Finland, during Russian rule at the address Hallituskatu 12-14, Finland, in the year 1899. I found it in the Finnish Army Archives (SA-Kuva).

You will find more digitally colorized images by me in the Digital Coloring section.

Colorized by Peter From

What Do I Offer? More than just Photography

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